Coal in Argentina

Recoverable reserves261Mtoe

Production210ktoe per year

The Argentinian WEC Member Committee has reported proved amounts in place of 752 million tonnes of sub-bituminous coal and 7 350 million tonnes of lignite, which are found in two main deposits, Río Coyle with some 5 billion tonnes in place, and the middle course of the Río Santa Cruz, with 2.35 billion. Both these deposits lie in the Río Leona formation. The only proved reserves reported are 500 million tonnes of sub-bituminous. Undiscovered coal of this rank estimated to be in place amounts to 300 million tonnes, of which 100 million is regarded as recoverable.

Coal output from the Río Turbio mine is currently about 300 thousand tonnes per annum, and is used for electricity generation. A 240 MW coal-fired mine-mouth power plant, currently under construction, is scheduled to enter service in mid-2011. According to the Argentinian Member Committee, this development will require a quadrupling of Rio Turbio’s output.