Peat in Argentina

The main (about 95%) of peat deposits in Argentina are located on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego in the South of the country. The remaining peat bogs can be found in the highland valleys of the Andean Cordillera and other areas. Production of peat is on a relatively small scale and nearly totally confined to Tierra del Fuego, where circa 3 000 m3 per annum are extracted. Consumption of peat for energy production is currently insignificant, and currently peat is mainly used is as a soil-improvement agent.

Proved recoverable reserves of peat are reported by the Argentinian Member Committee to be 80 million tonnes, within a total proved amount in place of some 90 million tonnes. A further 50 million tonnes of (unproved) resources is estimated to be present, of which some 15 million tonnes is deemed to be recoverable.