Gas in Denmark

Recoverable reserves44.7Mtoe

Production6.1Mtoe per year

Production ratio7years

The Danish WEC Member Committee reports data provided by the Danish Energy Authority (DEA), which does not use the terms ‘proved’, ‘probable’, ‘possible’ and ‘additional’ reserves, but employs the categories ‘ongoing’, ‘approved’, ‘planned’ and ‘possible’ recovery. The DEA expresses natural gas volumes in normal cubic metres (Nm3), measured at 0oC and 1 013 mb. For the purpose of the present Survey, all such data have been converted into standard cubic metres, measured at 15oC and 1 013 mb.

Denmark is a net exporter of natural gas. In 2010 it exported approximately 3.2 bcm of gas: 46% to Sweden, 32% to Germany and the rest to the Netherlands. Today, all natural gas for the Danish market comes from the fields in the Danish sector of the North Sea. DONG has purchased all the gas produced from the Danish fields. The biggest producer of natural gas in Denmark is Dansk Undergrunds Consortium (DUC), which produces gas from a number of fields. In addition, the South Arne Group produces natural gas from the South Arne field.

DONG purchases and transports all natural gas for the Danish market and also distributes gas to customers in Southern Jutland and parts of Zealand. DONG is a state-owned limited company. HNG distributes natural gas in the Greater Copenhagen Area. In Central and North Jutland, natural gas is distributed by Naturgas MidtNord, and on Funen, it is distributed by Naturgas Fyn.

The major part of the national consumption is related to gas-fired CHP plants, manufacturing industries and the residential/commercial sector.


Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.

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