Biomass in Germany

In 2001, Germany produced 184 442 TJ of energy from forestry and wood processing combustion. 639 GWh of electricity was generated from wood waste, and 88 GWh was generated from landfill gas (which had a capacity of 142 MW). Sewage sludge gas accounted for 732 GWh of electricity generation, at a generating capacity of 75 MW. The total electricity generation from other biogas was 74 GWh (with a capacity of 200 mW) and the total plant capacity for liquid biofuels amounted to 500 000 tonnes/yr.

In 2002, the biodiesel capacity of municipal solid waste amounted to 940 000 tonnes/yr. The biogas production capacity and actual production were 160 MW and 9 600 TJ respectively. The electricity generating capacity was 852 000 kW, and the actual generation was 11 200 TJ.