Gas in Netherlands

Recoverable reserves1.12thousand Mtoe

Production69.7Mtoe per year

Production ratio16years

The Netherlands have been producing gas for decades and its resource base has been in decline in recent years. There are over 400 proved natural gas accumulations in the Netherlands, both onshore and offshore. The remaining gas resources were estimated at 1.3 tcm. Of these remaining resources, the Groningen field accounted for 980 bcm, with 160 bcm to be found in other smaller onshore fields and 164 bcm in offshore formations.

In 2010 total production of natural gas in the Netherlands was over 85 bcm. The Groningen field is by far the largest source of Dutch gas production, and accounted for some 54 bcm of the 2010 total. Domestic gas consumption in the Netherlands totalled some 54.8 bcm in 2010. Over a third of total gas use was consumed in the transformation sector. With some 96% of all households connected to gas supplies, the residential sector accounted for a substantial share, at 22% of the total, while the commercial and industry sectors each accounted for another 20% of gas use.

Almost all space heating in the Netherlands is by natural gas, and over 60% of electricity is produced by gas fired generation, thus causing a strong seasonal pattern in gas use. The Netherlands is the largest gas producer within the European Union. At the same time, the Netherlands imports and exports large volumes of gas, with roughly 40% of the total volume of gas flows used domestically. In 2010, the Netherlands exported 57.8 bcm of natural gas. The largest portion of these exports, 21.6 bcm, went to Germany while Belgium and the UK were the destinations of some 10 bcm each. Substantial volumes were also exported to Italy (8.7 bcm) and France (7.4 bcm). In the same year, the Netherlands imported nearly 25.8 bcm of gas, primarily from Norway, the UK and `Russia.

Based on the Dutch Administration’s outlook for indigenous production and domestic use of natural gas, the Netherlands is expected to shift from being a net‐exporter to being a net importer of gas in the period between 2020 and 2025. Companies involved in Netherland’s natural gas sector are Gasunie, GasTerra, Shell, Exxon, NEM, E.ON, DONG, Electrabel, Eneco, RWE, Vattenfall and Delta. GasTerra remains the major player in the wholesale market, with a share of between 70 and 75%. GasTerra is also very active on the European gas market, and has import contracts with suppliers from Russia, Norway and Germany.


Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.