Wind in New Zealand

Installed capacity623MW

A wealth of indigenous renewable energy (in particular hydro and geothermal) already supplies some 31% of total energy demand and about 65% of electricity supply. With an excellent resource – supplying about 2.5% of electricity during 2008 – wind will be increasingly harnessed in the future. New Zealand has assessed its wind resource as potentially able to generate over 125 000 GWh/yr. However, in reality some 2 500 – 3 000 MW will possibly be installed by 2025, supplying 15-20% of power generation.

At end-2008 total installed capacity stood at 322 MW, generating 1 047 GWh in the year. During 2009 the first 15 turbines of Project West Wind, the Horseshoe Bend wind farm and Stage 2 of the Te Rere Hau wind farm came into operation. By endyear total capacity had reached 496 MW, with a further 80 MW under construction.