Solar in Norway

Installed capacity9MW

The majority – some 93% – of Norway’s commercial solar market consists of domestic off-grid PV systems. Most systems are installed in recreational cabins and leisure craft. Additionally, in public services, PV modules have been installed in the telecommunications sector and the Norwegian Coastal Administration has utilised the technology for lighthouses and coastal lanterns along Norway’s coastline.

There are no public schemes to promote PV applications, which is reflected in the fact that at end-2008 there was just 132 kWp of grid-connected PV capacity and no new large schemes were installed during the year. The grid-connected installations on the Oslo Innovation Centre (17.5 kWp) and the new Oslo Opera House (35 kWp) are notable exceptions to the general rule.

Total installed PV capacity was 8.3 MWp at end-2008, of which the off-grid domestic market accounted for 7.8 MWp.