Hydropower in Sweden

Installed capacity16.2GW

Production5.67Mtoe per year

Today the total number of hydropower plants in Sweden is 2 057 of which 1 615 have an installed capacity of maximum 10 MW. The total capacity is 16 197 MW of which 1 050 MW is small hydro (plants less than 10 MW).

The total electricity production is 66 TWh during a normal year 4.6 TWh of which is produced in SHP. According to the BlueAGE study issued by ESHA in 2001, Sweden has a fifth position in energy winning in small hydropower in Europe having Italy, France, Germany and Spain ahead.

The construction of new hydro plants has largely ceased, on account of environmental and political considerations. Future activity is likely to be very largely confined to the modernisation and refurbishment of existing capacity.

As in many European countries large hydro is considered almost fully developed, but there is still a potential for developing small hydro in Sweden. The BlueAGE study shows a Swedish potential of almost 2 TWh in upgrading existing plants and constructing new plants taking into account technical, economical and environmental constraints. 

The Swedish manufacturing industry has been very successful with the first commercial turbines manufactured in 1845 and with well known manufacturers as KMW, NOHAB, Finshyttan and ASEA with products spread all over the world.

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