Gas in Ukraine

Recoverable reserves949Mtoe

Production16.7Mtoe per year

Production ratio57years

Ukraine’s output of natural gas has been virtually flat since 1994, although production since 2003 has been on a somewhat higher level. The republic is one of the world’s largest consumers of natural gas: demand reached 137 bcm in 1990. Although consumption had fallen back to about 75 bcm by 2008, indigenous production met only 26% of local needs; the balance was imported from Russia and Turkmenistan. The consumption of gas is spread fairly evenly over electricity and heat plants, industrial fuel and feedstocks, and the tertiary sector.

Ukraine is a key transit center for Russian natural gas exports to Europe. In order to provide reliable supplies domestically and in Europe more investment in the Ukrainian transport network, more international cooperation, and a more transparent energy sector are needed. In 2010, Ukraine consumed 2,034.1 BCF (57.6 bn. m3) of natural gas, an increase of 11.0% since 2009, and 72.6 MMboe of crude oil (an increase of 2.7% over 2009).

Despite this Ukraine still has to import about 80% of its natural gas needs, mainly from  Turkmenistan and Russia (about two-thirds of its gas in 2012).


Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.