Wind in United Kingdom

Installed capacity6.49GW

The United Kingdom (UK) has approximately 40% of Europe’s entire wind resource and significant potential for both onshore and offshore wind. The UK government has put in place a range of measures to enable the deployment of that potential resource and is committed to ensuring the further growth of wind generation in the UK. The UK signed up in 2009 to a European Union (EU) target of 20% of primary energy (electricity, heat, and transport) from renewables sources. The UK contribution to that target is 15% by 2020. Wind will be an important contributor to this target.

Figure 1 shows Griffin wind farm near Perth, Scotland, completed in 2012 with a total installed capacity of 156.4 MW. In 2012, total wind capacity in the UK was 8.29 GW, representing  approximately 6% of the UK’s national electricity demand, an increase of 1.8 GW from the 2011 figure (a 27% increase). A significant increase in electricity generation from wind was seen in 2012 in the UK, from 15.5 TWh in 2011 to 21.8 TWh in 2012 (40% increase).