Index rank 17

Balance Score


Energy Sustainability Index Rankings and Balance Score

 2011  2012  2013  Trend Score
Energy Performance  19  24  20   
Energy Security  70  69  63  B
Energy Equity  9  15  13  A
Environmental Sustainability  34  41  34  B
Contextual Performance  20  20  17   
Political Strength  19  18  16   
Societal Strength  10  14  14   
Economic Strength  46  43  45   
Overall Rank  18  20  17  ABB
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Fossil Fuel Reserves

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Key Metrics

Industrial sector (% of GDP) 22.3
TPEP / TPEC  (net energy importer) 0.20
Emission intensity (kg CO2 per USD) 0.26
Energy affordability (USD per kWh) 0.23
GDP / capita (PPP, USD); GDP Group 37,611 (I)
Energy intensity (million BTU per USD) 0.16
CO2 emissions (metric tons CO2 per capita) 8.71
Population Access to Electricity (%) 100.0
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Index Commentary

Belgium improves its performance on all three dimensions this year and moves up three places in the Index. Rankings improve more for Belgium’s relatively weaker energy security and environmental sustainability dimensions than they do for its stronger energy equity one, meaning that the country’s energy trilemma is better balanced this year than last. Energy security continues to be the weakest of the three dimensions because the country has comparatively low strategic oil reserves and a high reliance on energy imports. Energy remains affordable to the country’s population and energy equity is among the highest in the world. Belgium’s energy efficiency efforts keep paying off, as energy and emission intensity continue to fall. Belgium’s contextual performance stays strong overall, although the country’s economic strength deteriorates slightly due to weakening macroeconomic conditions.