Congo (Dem. Rep.)

Index rank 80

Balance Score


Energy Sustainability Index Rankings and Balance Score

 2011  2012  2013  Trend Score
Energy Performance  70  63  56   
Energy Security  51  47  30  B
Energy Equity  125  124  121  D
Environmental Sustainability  27  24  27  B
Contextual Performance  128  129  129   
Political Strength  129  129  129   
Societal Strength  129  129  129   
Economic Strength  114  113  115   
Overall Rank  93  88  80  BBD
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Fossil Fuel Reserves

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Key Metrics

Industrial sector (% of GDP) 0.0
TPEP / TPEC  (net energy exporter) 1.10
Emission intensity (kg CO2 per USD) 0.14
Energy affordability (USD per kWh) n.a.
GDP / capita (PPP, USD); GDP Group 349 (IV)
Energy intensity (million BTU per USD) n.a.
CO2 emissions (metric tons CO2 per capita) 0.05
Population Access to Electricity (%) 15.2
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Index Commentary

Congo (DR) improves its overall rank in this year’s Index by eight places. Energy security and environmental sustainability performance continue to be quite good, but the country still struggles with providing affordable, high-quality energy to all its citizens. Energy equity performance is very poor as only about 15% of the population has access to electricity. Once the country develops economically and is able to provide a larger share of its population with access to modern energy services, it will face the challenge of meeting the growing demand while sustaining the current levels of energy security and environmental sustainability. Contextual performance remains very poor, especially on indicators of societal and political strength, with marginally better results on indicators of economic strength. No improvements were made on these contextual indicators during the past year.