Index rank 66

Balance Score


Energy Sustainability Index Rankings and Balance Score

 2011  2012  2013  Trend Score
Energy Performance  92  77  80   
Energy Security  95  62  73  C
Energy Equity  38  33  28  B
Environmental Sustainability  120  122  122  D
Contextual Performance  36  36  36   
Political Strength  56  56  60   
Societal Strength  55  53  53   
Economic Strength  5  6  4   
Overall Rank  77  61  66  BCD
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Fossil Fuel Reserves

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Key Metrics

Industrial sector (% of GDP) 42.3
TPEP / TPEC  (net energy exporter) 4.38
Emission intensity (kg CO2 per USD) 0.74
Energy affordability (USD per kWh) n.a.
GDP / capita (PPP, USD); GDP Group 38,332 (I)
Energy intensity (million BTU per USD) 0.27
CO2 emissions (metric tons CO2 per capita) 35.12
Population Access to Electricity (%) 94.1
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Index Commentary

Kuwait drops five places in the overall Index ranking, largely because of a decline in energy security. A member of the ‘Fossil-fuelled’ grouping of countries, Kuwait has a very low ranking on the environmental sustainability dimension, especially when compared with its better performances on energy security and energy equity. Kuwait’s energy security ranking is lower than expected for an OPEC country, as the energy consumption growth rate outpaces economic growth (a gap that widens this year), and its electricity fuel mix remains homogenous and entirely reliant on burning fossil fuels. Both gasoline and electricity remain quite affordable to Kuwaitis, making energy equity Kuwait’s strongest energy dimension by far. The country’s environmental sustainability ranking is still among the worst in the world, with high levels of energy and emission intensity and large amounts of CO2 emissions resulting from electricity generation, although the latter sees some incremental improvement this year. Contextual performance remains largely stable, with slight deteriorations on the indicators of political strength, and Kuwait’s economic strength continues to be among the highest in the world.