Index rank 74

Balance Score


Energy Sustainability Index Rankings and Balance Score

 2011  2012  2013  Trend Score
Energy Performance  61  70  66   
Energy Security  67  95  84  C
Energy Equity  100  96  99  D
Environmental Sustainability  18  13  13  A
Contextual Performance  113  108  89   
Political Strength  111  107  106   
Societal Strength  114  108  108   
Economic Strength  92  87  50   
Overall Rank  76  81  74  ACD
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Fossil Fuel Reserves

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Key Metrics

Industrial sector (% of GDP) 19.4
TPEP / TPEC  (net energy exporter) 1.19
Emission intensity (kg CO2 per USD) 0.15
Energy affordability (USD per kWh) 0.06
GDP / capita (PPP, USD); GDP Group 6,224 (III)
Energy intensity (million BTU per USD) 0.16
CO2 emissions (metric tons CO2 per capita) 0.73
Population Access to Electricity (%) 97.4
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Index Commentary

Paraguay improves seven places in the Index, lifted by improving performance on the energy security dimension and on indicators of economic strength. Paraguay, a ‘Hydro-powered’ country, has an energy trilemma balance that is typical of that country grouping, with average-to-low energy security and equity rankings balanced out by excellent marks on the environmental sustainability dimension. Paraguay’s total energy consumption growth rate is relatively flat considering its strong economic growth, allowing it to strengthen its favourable energy consumption to production ratio and free up more energy (most of it excess electricity generated through hydropower) for export. Energy equity remains the most challenging of the three dimensions for Paraguay, as gasoline prices increase and energy continues to be very expensive. Environmental sustainability performance is unchanged and remains exceptional, with the country’s emission-free-electricity generation being of note. Indicators of contextual political and societal strength remain on the lower side, but are improving, while increased macroeconomic stability and more plentiful domestic credit for the private sector help to boost Paraguay’s ranking of economic strength.