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WEC Danmark er den danske nationalkomite under World Energy Council
(WEC). Vi repræsenterer Danmarks interesser i WECs internationale aktiviteter
for at sikre en global bæredygtig energifremtid.
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World Energy Resources 2013 survey

Do we need to reinvent the peak oil theory? How do we promote sustainable energy? Can we reach a peak biomass situation?


Hans Hvidtfeldt Larsen

Alessandro Clerici 

Poul Erik Morthorst

World Energy Resources 2013 survey

TIME: 23 January 2014, 14:00 – 17:00

VENUE: Siemens, Borupvang 9, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark

REGISTRATION: Please register by sending an e-mail to natlab@dtu.dk, no later than 20 January 2014

Contrary to the expectations of the world running out of oil within a few decades, the so called notion of ‘peak oil’ which prevailed 20 years ago, has almost been forgotten. The global crude oil reserves are almost 60% larger today than in 1993 and the production of oil has gone up by 20%. If the unconventional oil resources such as oil shale are taken into account, the oil endowment of the world could be quadrupled.

Despite the exponential growth of renewable resources in percentage terms, in particular wind power and solar PV, renewable energy still accounts for a small percentage of energy supply in most countries. Biomass, as one of the traditional renewables, has grown with 23 % in the period from 1993 - 2011. These are some of the key messages emerging from the World Energy Resources survey 2013. Dr Alessandro Clerici, Executive Chair, World Energy Resources/Elena Nekhaev, Director of Programmes at WEC, will at this members meeting present the report. Professor Poul Erik Morthorst, DTU Management Engineering, will give a Danish perspective. Hans Hvidtfeldt Larsen, Vice Dean, DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, President of WEC Denmark, will introduce the meeting and give a short briefing on the outcome of 22 World Energy Congress in Daegu.

 Programme WEC meeting 23 January 2014 (PDF File PDF File, 370KB)