Lecture: The IDC - Driving Green Industrialisation in SA through Funding towards Renewable Energy & Green Industries

The development of Green Industries in the Green economy is becoming a key focus and area for development in South Africa and especially the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC). IDC has been at the forefront in supporting industrial growth and development in South Africa since its inception in 1940.

More recently, IDC adopted a pro-active approach in developing the green economy in South Africa. The objective is to develop, grow and invest in green industries focusing on investments to enhance the environment, support carbon emission reduction, avoidance and adaptation. This will be done through investments in clean production, clean energy, energy efficiency, demand side management interventions, emission and pollution mitigation and bio fuels. A value chain approach will apply with the emphasis on industrial development (including localization) and job creation.

The RE industry and EE improvements are and will be achieved largely via enabling instruments and interventions. As such IDC’s strategies are focused on the development of funding and support programs, sub-sectoral value chain development, skills development and sourcing of funds.

The presentation will highlight IDC’s mandate and approach in developing the green economy in South Africa. It will also highlight the changing environment, constraints and strategies adopted by the IDC in developing its approach.

Key Speakers

Presented by Rentia van Tonder, Head: Green Industries Business UnitIndustrial Development Corporation (IDC)

Rentia van Tonder, female, graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, obtaining a BSc (Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics) and BSc (Hons), and then joined one of the largest banking groups in South Africa, ABSA. She completed her MBL (Masters in Business Leadership) from UNISA on a part-time basis, and then joined the Industrial Development Corporation as a Statistician. Rentia was seconded to the office of the Minister of Minerals and Energy and rejoined the IDC’s mining business unit. Subsequently Rentia was promoted to Head: Wood and Paper SBU, driving sustainable projects supporting the overall drive towards a low carbon economy. Rentia became the head of a new business unit in 2011, the Green Industries SBU, focusing on investments in Renewable Energy, energy efficiency, fuel based green energy, emission and pollution management as well as biofuels. The unit has already established itself as a key driver and funder of the Renewables in South Africa, especially during the bidding rounds of the RfP currently in progress in South Africa.