The 21st World Energy Congress took place in Montreal, Canada from the 11th to the 16th September. Over 7000 delegates participated in the comprehensive programme.

The 21st World Energy Congress took place in Montreal, Canada from the 11th to the 16th September. Over 7000 delegates participated in the comprehensive programme.


Responding now to global challenges: energy in transition for a living planet

Opening ceremony speakers:

  • Jean Charest, Premier of the Province of Québec
  • Pierre Gadonneix, Chairman of the WEC
  • Christian Paradis, Government of Canada
  • Jerzy Buzek, President, European Parliament
  • Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General, United Nations (via video)

Day 1: Accessibility – Meeting Energy Demand: A Global Challenge Requires Global Solutions

The first day focused on the need to manage the growing energy demand of the planet. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the growth in energy consumption witnessed in recent years around the world cannot simply be extrapolated into the future. Moreover, nearly two billion people today have no access to adequate supplies of energy for their basic needs: this situation can no longer be ignored. The demographic and economic growth in the emerging economies will require most of the additional capacity needed for the global energy system. Responding adequately to that growing demand will pose major challenges. The recent slowdown of the global world economy may bring temporary relief, but the challenges are still imminent.

Champion of the day: Dr Daniel Yergin, Chairman, IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates, United States

Day 2: Availability – What is the Right Energy Mix for Long-Term Stability?

The Earth’s main energy sources have not changed significantly since the energy crises of the 1970’s. Fossil fuels still constitute the main basis of our energy supply. Recent concerns about climate change and forecasted peaking in the production of conventional oil in the next ten to twenty years are challenging traditional thinking. These and other similar issues require a re-assessment of supply potential of the different energy sources already available today or to be developed in the near future. What is the right energy mix for the years to come?

Champion of the day: Fatih Birol, Chief Economist and Director, International Energy Agency

Day 3: Acceptability – Energy Solutions for a Living Planet

Sustainability and acceptability are now the prerequisites for any long term energy supply strategy for our Planet. In fact, any viable energy strategy must now include complete assessments and management plans for environmental or social impact. It must also be formulated with public participation and give priority to more efficient systems and technologies. The development of efficient, sustainable energy policies and practices is a complex task involving many parties.

Champion of the day: Lester R. Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute, United States

Day 4: Accountability – Policies, Regulations and Financing

Financing energy projects requires clear policies and stable regulatory frameworks to ensure optimal use of resources, and good rates of return on investments. Achieving a balance between these three elements is not easy, and will require unprecedented levels of public-private cooperation and new forms of government partnership.

Champion of the day: Pascal Lamy, Director General, World Trade Organisation 


Report on the Congress by Dr Hisham Khatib: English (133.58 kB)French (36.48 kB)

Report on the Congress by Johannes Teyssen: English (52.57 kB) 


Opening Ceremony speech: Pierre Gadonneix (236.32 kB), Chairman of the WEC

Keynote speech: Liu Zhenya, President of Shanghai State Grid Corporation

Keynote speech: Greg Boyce, Chairman and CEO, Peabody Energy

Keynote speech: Anne Lauvergeon, CEO, Areva (English extract and full French transcript)

Keynote speech: Pascal Lamy, Director General, World Trade Organisation

Closing Ceremony speech: Pierre Gadonneix (250.74 kB), Chairman of the WEC

Energy Photo of the Year

The World Energy Council is pleased to announce the overall winner of the Energy Photo of the Year Competition 2010 , with the theme “Energy for All”.

Winner: Dilip Lokre, India

The winning entry and runners up were displayed during the World Energy Congress in Montreal.

Category winners

Electricity: Gokulakannan Janarthanan, India

Location: Chennai, India

Generation: Rajesh Dhar, India

Location: West Bengal, India

Geothermal: Paul Zizka, Canada

Location: Strokkur, Iceland

Hydro: Quoc Nyugen Linh Vinh, Vietnam

Location: Vietnam

Nuclear: Jan Skvaril, Czech Republic

Location: Dukovany, Czech Republic

Oil: Dan Lavric, Romania

Location: Deva, Romania

Wind: Konstantin Golovchinsky, USA

Location: Palm Springs, USA