ICE-WEC: The Icelandic Member Committee of WEC 
Promoting and representing the world wide need for renewable energy and energy efficiency - the technology exists, a genuine break-through is being developed, the potential is vast, and the need is huge."

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About Us

Icelandic Member Committee of WEC

ICE-WEC is the autonomous country member committee of the World Energy Council (WEC), and represents Icelandic interests at WEC meetings and activities.

ICE-WEC has a long history in WEC, as Iceland became a member of WEC’s predecessor, the World Power Conference (WPC), in 1949. ICE-WEC’s founding members were only five, today however ICE-WEC represents thirty members from the whole spectrum of the Icelandic energy sector.  

ICE-WEC mission is to:

ICE-WEC’s Secretariat is at the Icelandic National Energy Authority (NEA), and is handled by it’s board of directors.

The Board of Directors has the following members:

Secretary of ICE-WEC is Inga Dora Gudmundsdottir.