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Promoting and representing the world wide need for renewable energy and energy efficiency - the technology exists, a genuine break-through is being developed, the potential is vast, and the need is huge."

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To do in Iceland

WEC Executive Assembly

Iceland is a mountainous and volcanic country located on the mid-Atlantic ridge. The country's goegraphical pecullarities have endowed Iceland with an abundant supply of geothermal resources and hydropower. During the course of the 20th century, Iceland went from what was one of Europe's poorest countries, dependent upon heat and imported coal for its energy, to a country with a high standard of living where practically all stationary energy - and roughly 80% of primary energy - is derived from indigenous renewable sources. Geothermal energy plays a vital role in the Icelandic energy situation and during the last decade both geothermal electricity production and direct use of geothermal energy has increased significantly.

During the Executive Assembly we will offer you technical tours, involving some great sightseeing.  These tours will showcase our main natural resources and the way these are generated to provide Iceland with up to 80% of our primary energy needs in green energy. 

Blue LagoonWe will offer you a tour to the Blue Lagoon, giving the EA delegates an opportunity to bathe in the luxurious spring, which is world renown for its skin healing power, but we also provide a technical tour around the Svartsengi Power Plant

SvartsengiThe Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant now reaches  a capacity of 76 MWe and 150 MWth. The total installed power consists of three individual steam turbine systems of 30 MWe respectively 8 MWe and a total of 7 ORC bottoming units. The Svartsengi Power Plant is connected to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, using the geothermal seawater from the plant which contains active ingredients from this unique geothermal heat & power plant.
But for those of you who whish to experience a trip to Iceland to the fullest, there is lots of activities and exiting things to do. The vast, beautiful landscape around Reykjavik lends itself to innumerable outdoor activities. Visitors to Reykjavik will be impressed by the city's proximity to nature and struck by the cleanliness of the city itself. There are plenty of possibilities when planning outdoor activities and excursions during your stay in the capital. To give you some ideas, here are a few Iceland activities.