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Future Energy Leaders workshop

Friday, 6th March 2009, London Business School

The World Energy Council (WEC) organised a Future Energy Leaders workshop in London on 6 March with the theme: World in Crisis and Energy at a Crossroads - How to Attract and Retain the Future Energy Leaders. WEC welcomed many international speakers from leading energy companies, including E.ON, ABB and Royal Dutch Shell, and from leading business schools, such as the London Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management (MIT) and Chicago Booth School of Business. During the three roundtables, participants debated what "culture" changes were necessary within the energy industry and discussed ways to attract and retain the decision-makers of tomorrow.

Professor Abubakar Sambo, WEC Vice Chair, Africa, gave an overview of WEC's forthcoming study on Human Resource Availability; this study is part of the Assessment and Vulnerabilities work and will examine the vulnerabilities to shortages of skilled workers and the effect on the achievement of WEC's 3 A's. Randy Gossen, Nexen's Vice President for Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility, said "…50% of the oil industry's workforce will retire in 10 years" and that youth engagement and development should therefore be a top priority. Kristen Herde, Head of Human Resource at E.ON Climate & Renewables, stressed that "the energy industry must make itself look 'attractive' for the younger generation". Supporting this view, Jackie Wilbur (MIT) added that the next generation "wants to work on big issues, wants to leave fingerprints and is frightened of being bored professionally."

The workshop also attracted representatives of WEC's Future Energy Leaders Community from Nigeria, Russia, Poland and Italy. The half-day event ended with a networking lunch where graduates and senior experts were given an opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives.
Given the excellent turn-out and the positive comments on the quality of the discussions, WEC plans to continue the initiative by taking it out to the WEC regions.

Also featured at the workshop was the WEC World Energy Careers service, an online recruitment platform for employers and jobseekers in the energy industry. WEC member companies are welcome to post job vacancies on this site and will benefit from a significant discount on the usual fee. Please see http://www.worldenergy.org/world_energy_careers/ for further information.

For further information please contact Stephanie Flinth at the WEC London Office.

A Programme (PDF File PDF File, 260KB) of this event is available for download in PDF format.

Derek Bunn (PDF File PDF File, 28KB), London Business School
Kristen Herde (PDF File PDF File, 143KB), E.ON, Climate & Renewables