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Future Energy Leaders Declaration

2010 Declaration of the Future Energy Leaders Programme


Inadequate access to energy afflicts over a billion people around the world today. The energy community needs to provide the means to alleviate  energy poverty. Primary focus should be put on developing countries, considering the needs of both rural and urban populations.

Each region requires different, long term solutions. In the rural areas, the introduction of small scale, small investment, power generation may present a feasible solution, even providing a dynamic market space for companies who are willing to take on this challenge. In the urban areas, the focus ought to be placed on efficiency, making use of the best practices and experience already available in the industry. Regional cooperation will be necessary to utilize limited resources such as finance, human and material.

We the Future Energy Leaders encourage the representatives from developed countries, to enable simple and reliable solutions appropriate for the communities in dire needs of support. Through technology transfer, and proper training, communities shall adapt the solutions to similar areas in sustainable manner.

We challenge you the stakeholders in this audience to support finance and nurture these projects. Our goal should be to provide universal access to energy in the countries struggling to meet their basic needs, help them improve their ways of life, and set them on the path of lasting development.


As cohabitation between traditional and alternative energy sources increases, the Future Energy Leaders’ goal will be to create balanced energy mixes to satisfy the demand and promote the social uplift of urban, rural and isolated populations. Also, it must be formulated according to the availability of local resources, so as to be regionally relevant and flexible.

Every society must compose its appropriate energy portfolio with the aim of sustainable development. The consumption of resources must be planned so as to minimize the environmental footprint and respect national and international greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Also, fluctuations in market prices and resource depletion, as well as potential effects of climate change on renewable resources are threats to energy security that can be mitigated with an efficient energy mix.

A strategically planned energy mix must also grant a society with the opportunity to prosper. Beyond the sustainable development of a society, resource rich regions can achieve economic prosperity, and help neighbors meet their environmental objectives and energy demand, through energy exports.

Solutions to encourage the development of an appropriate energy mix are imperative. Otherwise the resource requiring the least investment will always prevail and no improvement will ever occur. We, the Future Energy Leaders, challenge the energy industry to outline tangible solutions and trace a path towards a sustainable future beyond 2050. We, the Future Energy Leaders, commit to strive for energy efficiency, innovate, and implement the proper incentives that will help societies move beyond the status quo.


The acceptability of meaningful energy solutions depends on sound leadership, whether in government, business, or civil society. With acceptability, comes an inherent and implied responsibility.

You, as the leaders of today, have an obligation to look beyond short-term, personal and organizational gains and aspire towards the sustainable betterment of our world community.

We challenge industry and government leaders to pro-actively engage in dialogue with the population and strive for a consensus on topics of contention.

These topics affect us today, and will directly impact the future generations to come. The facilitation of this dialogue will require the development of  sound policies, and sincere regional and culturally sensitive consultation with all involved stakeholders.

Partnerships in the form of honest and transparent communication coupled with an equitable satisfaction of energy needs are to us, the Future Energy Leaders, marks of true leadership.

Additionally, from a supply perspective, the impetus for change is very real. The provision of options to consumers in the delivery of clean energy  sources and technology presents a unique challenge, but also a unique opportunity.

As Future Energy Leaders we believe that above all, we need to show understanding to ensure energy is developed and distributed with fairness for those without energy access, and genuine consideration for those affected by our decisions.

Exercising true understanding requires true leadership and will naturally engender acceptability. We, as Future Energy Leaders, look forward to continuing your legacy of implementing the acceptable energy solutions our world needs, in an acceptable way for everyone.


Accountability means living up to our promises, standing up to our responsibilities and delivering upon our potential. Given the tremendous influence energy has as an enabler of human development and growth, all stakeholders must be accountable and must be able to hold one another accountable. Accountability is the foundation for the availability,  accessibility and acceptability that society demands.

We see a need for greater transparency and disclosure to allow energy  players to demonstrate their accountability and also for consumers to understand the impact of their purchasing behavior.

The World Energy Council should open dialogue between industry champions, governments and civil society, to develop a new framework for voluntary disclosure on energy ethics and sustainability, as a precursor to  further industry regulation.

Furthermore, policy makers must set long-standing and transparent regulation, reflecting needs of consumers and industry. Universal goals, translated to locally-specific implementation and legislative frameworks, will build trust and encourage entrepreneurship, whilst accounting for externalities. This in turn will spark market-driven creativity and innovation, meeting energy goals in an effective and efficient manner.

Accountability is about keeping promises, building trust and acting together to create momentum. We, the Future Energy Leaders, challenge policy makers, industry and all stakeholders to outline clear goals and  frameworks, to openly disclose and communicate and to become accountable towards delivering in an ethical, fair and sustainable manner. We commit to support you in delivering accessibility, availability and acceptability of energy for all.

This declaration is available to download in PDF format (PDF File PDF File, 164KB).