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Seminar Presentations

Rome Congress 2007 Youth Programme

On this page you can access the various presentations shown at the seminar sessions of the 2007 Rome Congress Youth Programme.

The Importance of Energy Policies in an interdependent world.
Claude Turmes, Vice President of the Green Group in the European Parliament, MEP Presentation Claude Turmes (PDF File PDF File, 462KB)
Energy Efficiency: Striking a balance.
Bruno Lapillonne, Deputy Director, Enerdata Presentation Bruno Lapillone (PDF File PDF File, 355KB)
Energy and environment: Looking for the right synergy.
Marzio Galeotti, Professor of Economics, Università degli Studi di Milano

Presentation Marzio Galeotti Part I(PDF File PDF File, 630KB)

Presentation Marzio Galeotti part II(PDF File PDF File, 539KB)

Energy in the global context: Global challenges towards a sustainable future.
Robert C. Armstrong, Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT Presentation Robert C. Armstrong (PDF File PDF File, 761KB)
Bill Spence, Vice President CO2, Shell International Renewables Presentation Bill Spence (PDF File PDF File, 1672KB)