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Rome Congress 2007 Youth Programme

Future Energy Leaders Community

2007 Rome Congress Final Youth Group Photo

At each World Energy Congress, a Youth Programme runs parallel to the main Congress, enabling the energy leaders of tomorrow to interact and collaborate with the energy leaders of today.

The Youth Programme of the 20th World Energy Congress in Rome attracted more than 200 young delegates from almost 50 countries, making it one of the most successful youth programmes to date. Echoing the theme of the main Congress, the Youth Programme was titled “Energy Interdependency: The perspectives from the Younger Generation”. It gave young energy experts the opportunity to interact with their peers and to participate in seminar sessions as well as to attend the core congress programme. In special discussion sessions the young experts aged between 18 and 27 years reflected on the results gained from the main Congress sessions.

At the end of the Congress, the Youth Declaration was presented by three representatives at the Final Congress Session. Among the young leader's proposals was the recommendation that WEC broaden its current set of "3 A" sustainability goals (Accessibility, Availability, and Acceptability) to include a fourth "A" for Accountability.

Overall, the 2007 Youth Programme was an excellent example of the young generation's commitment to play a more active role in the global energy dialogue over sustainable energy development.

If you have proposals or suggestions for the next programme, please fill in the  feedback form   or send us an email! (future@worldenergy.org).


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