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Kazakhstan Member Committee

For more information about membership of the Kazakhstan Member Committee, contact the Secretary via the details below.

Contact details:
Secretary: Sergey Irmanovich Katyshev
Email: katyshev@kegoc.kz
Fax: +-7-7172-970-680

Membership in a national WEC Member Committee provides a number of benefits. At the global level, these include:

  • Direct involvement in WEC global studies and technical programmes;
  • Direct participation in WEC’s regional work, including signature projects, forums and meetings, studies, workshops and other regionally-focussed work;
  • Access to EnergyFax, the biweekly, members-only newsletter from the WEC Secretary General;
  • Reduced member registration fee for WEC’s triennial World Energy Congress;
  • Participation in WEC’s annual business meeting, the Executive Assembly, where WEC’s work programme, budget, business plan and other WEC matters are debated and approved;
  • Participation in the annual WEC Symposium, held at the Executive Assembly, where a “hot” energy topic is presented and discussed among WEC members;
  • Access to the members-only content of WEC’s website;
  • Receipt of WEC publications, documents and promotional materials;
  • Multiple opportunities to network with other WEC members at the national, regional and international levels.


Each WEC Member Committee has its own requirements and fees for membership and also provides unique benefits apart from the global ones listed above. To learn more, please contact the Secretary of your country’s national WEC Member Committee from   this list or from the drop down list to the right of this page.

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