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LNG market set to expand

The sale of both coal and oil, LNG’s main competitors in the energy mix, have risen in 2016. Renewables are also expected to challenge gas as a leading source of tomorrow’s energy.

Posted on 12 October 2016


Understanding and mitigating the risks of cyber attacks in the energy industry

When it comes to dealing with cyber threats to energy systems, companies not only struggle to assess the risk but also often fail to develop the in-house tools to understand their own response.

Posted on 11 October 2016


Regulations must be developed properly to encourage renewables

Renewable energy makes up nearly around 30% of the world’s installed generation capacity, and and almost a quarter of electricity production. However, wind and solar, in part because of the challenges their variability poses to integration into the power grid, make up less than 5% of generated power.

Posted on 11 October 2016


2016 Energy Trilemma Index ranking shows global energy sector shifting priorities towards more balanced energy mix

With 9 out of the top 10 countries being from Europe, the NEW 2016 Energy Trilemma Index shows that EU cooperation on long term policy contributes to regional Trilemma success. The Index provides a comparative ranking of 125 countries in terms of their ability to provide secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy systems. Find out now where you country ranks and how to improve its score!

Posted on 11 October 2016


Regional Integration will secure Asia’s future

Regional integration could be a way to improve generation and transmission, as markets on the continent struggle to supply clean, affordable energy over vast distances and to high-demand centres. It could also increase resilience to the damage caused by extreme weather events.

Posted on 11 October 2016


Natural Gas will be key to the energy mix

Natural gas will be the most likely substitute for coal as a future power generation feedstock according to BP’s CEO Bob Dudley

During his keynote address at the World Energy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, Dudley said that current major projects in BP’s portfolio are natural gas including the Khazzan project in Oman, Tangguh in Indonesia, Shah Deniz in Azerbaijan as well as projects in Trinidad and Egypt.

Posted on 11 October 2016


Challenges and opportunities as electricity actors enter new frontiers

Addressing market specifics and customer needs is a priority, and new technologies, particularly big data and smart solutions, have a prime role to play, representatives from global utilities companies agreed during a panel discussion at the 23rd World Energy Congress.

Posted on 11 October 2016


A time of convergence and collaboration

A time of challenging oil prices has coincided with unprecedented cooperation among actors in the global energy industry, the secretary-general of OPEC said in Monday’s closing session of the World Energy Congress in Istanbul.

Posted on 11 October 2016


Putin and Erdogan: peace and prosperity through energy cooperation

World Energy Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 10 October 2016: Heads of state and ministers emphasised the role of energy in promoting peace and providing everyone with access to energy durıng the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul. The Middle East region, home to 65% of global oil proven reserves and 45% of natural gas, is mired […]

Posted on 10 October 2016


World Energy Scenarios 2016 report: Global energy demand growth set to fall

Per capita energy demand will peak before 2030, finds a new World Energy Council report, launched at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul. The three scenarios entitled “Unfinished Symphony”, “Modern Jazz” and “Hard Rock” present three distinct trajectories for the energy sector to 2060, with very different realities across regions.

Posted on 10 October 2016

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