Editing the homepage



The homepage is essentially made up of three areas:-

  • homepage slider
  • automatic news, publication and events
  • flexible widget area

Home page slider


The homepage slider which is managed by using the Home Page Slide Menu.

The area at top indicated by the orange box is the homepage slider, this can be controlled by adding items to a specific menu.

To control this you need to navigate to the admin area and select Menus which comes off Appearance.



You will then be taken to the menu control screen. Here you will see all the menu’s on the site. The one you need to use for the home page is called home page slider so select that tab along the top.

Menus screen


Further down in the left hand column you will find a section called Pages.


You should use this to add to the menu to allow the slider to take full advantage of things like featured images and excerpts.

Adding new items to the slider

In the top-right of the screen, click to expand the “Screen Options”, and make sure the checkboxes for News, Press Releases etc are switched on. You can turn off the options you don’t need, such as Categories or People.


Find your news article in the “News” box on the left, tick the checkbox and hit Add to Menu.

Drag the items up and down to put them in the order you need. If you’d like the headline to be shorter or different, you can edit it by expanding the news article here.

Click “Save Menu”, then go back to the home page to see the results.

You’re likely to find that some pictures aren’t large enough or the right size. The solution to this is not to upload several different copies of the same picture; it’s to always give WordPress the biggest, cleanest copy of the picture you can find, and trust it to produce the different shapes and sizes needed.

Automatic news, publication and events


This area display the latest news, publications and events. By making any of these items “stick to the front page” will allow them to be displayed. It will display the most recent last 4 sticky items.

Flexible widget area


This area allows you to use any of the widget available on the site to create content. The following widget areas are used:-

Page Widgets_Home