Russian Member Committee

Мировой Энергетический Совет


The Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council was established as a non-profit organisation at the end of 2000. It is an active member of the WEC, its technical committees and working groups, and participates in events organised by the WEC as well as hosting and organising other WEC-related events. The Committee aims to collaborate with countries and continents to solve global energy issues. The unique nature of WEC, as an “umbrella” organisation for each international committee, makes the Committee a unique organisation in Russia’s energy sector, with a great deal of national and international influence.

Chair: Vladimir Pekhtin
Secretary: Tatiana Mamonova


Tatiana Mamonova graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Faculty of Economics) in Political economy, Economics of Foreign countries. She has been involved in the energy field for more than 30 years. She has a wide experience in the organisation of international and branch exhibitions and in providing reference and information services to companies involved in the Energy field. For many years she acted as Finance Director–Accountant General at the Center of Scientific and Technical Information of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. In 2000, T. M. Mamonova was appointed Director General of the Scientific and Technical Company "Energoprogress" which is publishing “Scientific and Production” as well as other research journals in the Energy field: “Energetic” (Power& Electrical engineering), “Rower Plants”, “Industrial Power Engineering”, “Hydrotechnical construction”, “Electric Power's News” among others. The journals acquired the reputation of leading ‘scientific and production’ editions for power engineers, containing valuable professional information and propagating science and technical achievements in the country’s electric power complex. They are very popular in Russia and other countries. After years of conscientious work in the electric power field, T. M. Mamonova was awarded many governmental and industry awards: the scientific medal “In Memory of 850 Years of Moscow”, the award pin “85 years of GOELRO plan”, as well as a “Certificate of Honour” awarded by the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation. She was also made “Honoured worker of the United Energy System of Russian Federation”.