Russian Member Committee

Мировой Энергетический Совет


The Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council was established as a non-profit organisation at the end of 2000. It is an active member of the WEC, its technical committees and working groups, and participates in events organised by the WEC as well as hosting and organising other WEC-related events. The Committee aims to collaborate with countries and continents to solve global energy issues. The unique nature of WEC, as an “umbrella” organisation for each international committee, makes the Committee a unique organisation in Russia’s energy sector, with a great deal of national and international influence.

Chair: Anatoly Dyakov


Anatoly Dyakov is the Chair of WEC’s Russian National Committee. He is a prominent Russian Power Manager and Engineer. Mr Dyakov was the first Minister to take a seat in the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Fuel and Power. He was the founder and first President of the "Unified Energy System of Russian Federation," which served all cities and regions of Russia for more than 15 years. Mr Dyakov is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is also an Honorary Professor at a number of Russian Universities and has been awarded medals and honour awards by the Russian Federation. Mr Dyakov’s extensive experience in the electric power industry has included management and operation of power stations, objects and grids; management of power units; setting standards for energy control and management; and control, automation and protection of energy units and power systems. Nowadays, Mr Dyakov is the President of Scientific Technical Council of Unified Energy System, which is responsible for the formation and coordination of scientific and technical policy in the Russian Federation’s energy sector.

Secretary: Mstislav Voskresensky


Dr Mstislav Voskresensky is Secretary General for the Russian Member Committee. He is also Executive Director for the Scientific Technical Council UES. Mstislav holds a PhD in Economics from the State University of Management, Moscow, Russia.