Latin America & The Caribbean Network

Jose Antonio Vargas Lleras

Dr. Jose A.Vargas Lleras, Vice Chair

The WEC community of the region has been participating in “Sectorial Energy Report of Latin America and the Caribbean: A New Energy Agenda For LAC,” a programme to run a regional deep dive study into the region’s energy demand growth and supply for future under a joint cooperation agreement with: ALADI, ARPEL, CAF, CIER, ECLAC, OAS, OLADE.

The region has been active in the following energy related areas: innovative regulations, large hydro power, energy efficiency, and energy subsidies.

The region also participates in the annual North America-Latin America Bi-regional forum which addresses issues such as energy efficiency, energy conservation, alternative energies, energy transport and fossil fuels, where multilateral organizations’ representatives such as CIER, CEPAL and ARPEL participate.