Latin America & The Caribbean Network


Claudia Cronenbold, Vice Chair

Cristina Morales

Cristina Morales, Associate Regional Manager

The region organises high level events. In 2016 Ecuador hosted the first South American Energy Forum in Quito on September 10-11. In partnership with the Union of South American Nations -UNASUR- and the Ministry of Renewable Energy and Electricity. The meeting brought together 200 energy leaders from the public and private sectors. Discussions centred around energy integration projects in the region and keynote speeches on unconventional fossil fuels, renewable energies and climate change, energy efficiency and energy scenarios.  In 2014 the World Energy Council Executive Assembly (2.13 MB)and World Energy Leaders Summit took place in Cartagena, Colombia.  More than 700 high level energy representatives  gathered from all over the world to discuss around energy sustainability, regional integration, among others.

At the moment the region is working on an energy Scenarios Deep Dive which will result in a report on 2035 energy scenarios for Latin America which will be published in 2016. They  have collaborated with Eletrobras, CAF and UPME to undergo this study.

Since the launch in 2014 by the Argentinian Committee, Latin America & the Caribbean is a leader in the WEC Academy initiative. Colombia and Argentina have running programmes and other countries will implement it in 2016. The aim of the Academy programme is to give the bigger ‘helicopter’ perspective on critical energy issues using World Energy Council reports as a key reference point for guiding discussions. The course aims to give anyone in the energy sector the skills they need for operating in today’s increasingly complex world, and is a useful point of reference for anyone in their professional energy careers looking to update themselves on the critical factors shaping the energy industry today.

The World  Energy  Council LAC community in the region is participating in “Sectorial Energy Report of Latin America and the Caribbean: A New Energy Agenda For LAC,” a programme to run a regional deep dive study into the region’s energy demand growth and supply for future under a joint cooperation agreement with: ALADI, ARPEL, CAF, CIER, ECLAC, OAS, OLADE. This inter-agency study will allow the understanding of the challenges the region faces despite being a very rich region in terms of resources, including regional integration, water-food- energy nexus and energy access.

World Energy Latin America has established cooperation agreements with CIER and ARPEL to enhance their activities in the region and develop synergies to work towards energy sustainability.