Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems

With growing concerns about supply security and environmental performance in many industries that rely on the use of fossil fuels, it is imperative to find ways to deploy cleaner and more efficient fossil fuel combustion technologies. Cleaner systems mitigate the adverse consequences of the use of fossil fuels and permit carbon-intensive technologies to be more fully harnessed for economic and social development.

The Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems work promotes understanding and knowledge worldwide of the strategic role of fossil fuels in meeting the growing energy demand and securing energy supplies. The knowledge network supporting this work conducts high-level conferences and workshops focusing in particular on the existing and emerging technologies for the cleaner use of fossil fuels, including Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). One of the distinctive features of the work programmes activities is the promotion of a dialogue between all stakeholders, including industry, NGO’s and government decision-makers.


Barbara McKee, Leader of the Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems' knowledge network

WP_Barbara MckeeBarbara Nance McKee is the Leader of the World Energy Council’s Global Knowledge Network on Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems.

Ms. McKee is Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, Office of Fossil Energy, U.S. Department of Energy. The Office of Fossil Energy is responsible for implementation of the $2 billion, ten-year Clean Coal Power Initiative to develop a new generation of environmentally-sound clean coal technologies. Barbara McKee is also Vice Chair of the International Energy Agency’s Working Party on Fossil Fuels and Vice Chairman of the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Europe Committee on Sustainable Energy which has 55 member states.  Ms. McKee is Vice Chairman of the International Energy Agency Clean Coal Center and is also Director of Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum Secretariat. Ms. McKee is an alumna of Tuskegee University and Harvard University.


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