Innovation Insights

What is this?

The Innovation work series is an effort to make sense of the fast-moving pace of the energy transition by digging deeper into the role of technology, policy and social innovation. The series includes discussion papers, virtual discussion hubs and workshops to further engage energy stakeholders and allow for innovation to be shared, adopted and possibly implemented on a wider scale.

The Innovation work stream addresses a number of topics which are key in the transition towards digitalised, decentralised, and decarbonised energy systems. The Council’s Innovation tools bring together surveys and interviews with companies, organisations and communities that are being impacted and those that are bringing in new business models.

What does it do?

Identify trends and opportunities: innovation discussion papers provide thought leadership on emerging innovation ecosystems, new business models and opportunities for innovative policy, business and technological solutions.

Share and learn: industry practitioners can use the Innovation tools to share best practices and learn successful strategies implemented across the world. Briefs and Workshops provide the latest information on developments around specific innovation themes and explores next steps to be taken.

Engage: Innovation forums and activities provide a space for members and partners to interface and actively engage with the Council’s network of energy influencers and shapers (i.e. key industry players, government bodies, policy makers, etc.) to identify synergies and partnership opportunities.

Why use this tool?

Members and partners of the Council can use these insights to understand the innovation landscape, the impact of new technologies thus far and the prospect of pilot technologies. Moreover, the Innovation Insights feed into interactive tools such as the Innovation Forum (IF?), webinars, hackathons and interactive workshops to create dialogue about immediate pragmatic steps forward and visionary ideas creating the next trends.

Innovation Insights themes are continually being updated through feedback from Council Members who engage in strategic conversations and other activities. Examples of Innovation Insight themes and activities include:

  • Blockchain 2 – Explore the suitability of blockchain for energy systems through the lens of creators, regulators, and those in between.
  • Quality energy access – Explore the triggers and accelerators of emerging quality energy-access ecosystems and identify effective intervention points and synergies for partnerships.
  • Aging and stranded infrastructure – Discover innovative solutions to underused assets.

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