Biomass in Austria

In 2008, there were 2.4 million tonnes of raw municipal solid waste and 4.3 million tonnes of raw wood available as bioenergy material in Austria.

For municipal solid waste, in 2007 16 421 TJ of bioenergy was produced from direct combustion, and in total the bioenergy production was 30 270 TJ. For wood, in 2007 54 429 TJ was produced from direct use methods and a total energy of 64 464 TJ was produced.

For other biomass materials available in 2007, a total of 11.9 million tonnes, the total ethanol capacity was 5 000 TJ/yr, and the biodiesel capacity and production were 17 000 TJ/yr and 8 900 TJ/yr respectively. Biogas production was 6 000 TJ. The electricity capacity and generation, including MSW and wood, were 555 000 kW and 9 000 TJ respectively. The direct use from combustion totalled 63 775 TJ and the total energy production was 118 302 TJ.