Hydropower in Austria

Hydropower Installed Capacity13.2GW

Hydropower Production3.4Mtoe per year

Out of a total gross theoretical hydro potential of 150 TWh/yr, Austria’s technically feasible potential is estimated at about 75 TWh/yr, of which 75% is considered to be economically exploitable. At present, the total installed capacity of hydro-electric power stations (excluding pumped-storage plants) is 13 200 MW; with net generation of approximately 37 TWh. Most of Austria’s HPPs are of the run-of-river type.

The construction of a number of (mostly fairly small) pure hydro plants and the refurbishment/ extension of some existing stations is under way or planned, but the construction of large hydro installations in Austria is currently confined to a number of pumped-storage schemes. Kops II (450 MW) was completed in 2009, while work is continuing at Limburg II, which will add 480 MW to the capacity of the Kaprun pumped-storage plant in 2012, and at Reisseck II (430 MW), part of the Reisseck-Kreuzeck hydro complex, scheduled to be completed in 2014.