Nuclear in Canada

Electricity Generation98.4thousand GWh per year

Nuclear Installed Capacity13.5GW

Uranium Production9.14thousand tonnes per year

Identified Uranium Resources682thousand tonnes

(at < US $260 / kg U)

Identified Uranium Resources

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Canada’s nuclear power generate about 17% of its electricity with 19 reactors, highest share is Ontario province that provide about 13.5 GWe of power capacity. Canada has cancelled plans for new reactors but is planning to maintain its existing nuclear capacity by a programme of refurbishment that will extend the life of some current reactors into the 2050s, which will allow a phase out of the use of coal. For many years Canada has been leader in nuclear research and technology exporting reactor system as well as a high proportion of the world supply radioisotopes used in medical diagnosis and cancer therapy. In 2013, Canada generated 652 billion kWh, of which about 16% was from nuclear generation compared with 60% of hydro, 10% from coal and C$1.4 billion in government revenue.