Gas in Czech Republic

Gas Production180ktoe per year

Amount in place117Mtoe

Gas Recoverable Reserves3.6Mtoe

The Czech Republic has insignificant domestic sources of natural gas, total reserves amount to about 1 bill. m3.

The volume of domestic production of natural gas is around 100 mill. m3 a year, this means ca. 1% of the annual natural gas consumption in the Czech Republic. Therefore, nearly all supply is covered by imports.

The natural gas imports had been growing dynamically in early 1990’s, in consequence of rapid substitution of coal in the heat supply industry and for the direct final consumption. Maximum natural gas imports (level of 9 to 10 bill. m3 per year) have been historically reached in the years before 2005. Since then, natural gas consumption, and also imports have been slowly decreasing due to a step-by-step appliance` efficiency and building thermal insulation improvement.

Natural gas is being supplied to the Czech Republic in two principal directions (from West via Nord Stream and OPAL pipelines and from East via Eustream pipelines). Long-term contracts on natural gas supply to the Czech Republic have been concluded with suppliers from the Russian Federation and from Norway, in addition, significant volumes are bought on the stock market.

Fluctuation of natural gas consumption in the Czech Republic is subject to balancing by a well-developed system of underground gas storages. The main operator of gas storage installations is RWE Gas Storage. For the needs of the Czech Republic, gas storage capacity of a volume exceeding 3.5 bill. m3 is used. That shows – with regard to the current annual consumption of about 8 bill. m3 of gas – a very high figure of storage capacity for the Czech Republic in comparison with other European countries.


Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.