Hydropower in Finland

Hydropower Installed Capacity3.2GW

Hydropower Production1.42Mtoe per year

Hydropower accounts for about 4% or Finland’s total energy consumption. Hydropower’s share of electricity production in Finland has varied in recent years within the range 10-15%, depending on precipitation levels and other hydrological conditions. Hydropower is Finland’s second most widely exploited renewable energy source, after bioenergy. These plants have a total capacity of approximately 3,084 MW. Their total annual production has varied between 9.5 and 16.8 TWh, according to water conditions, in 2011 production totalled almost 12.3 TWh.

It could still be possible to increase Finland’s hydropower capacity, though the main potential sources are generally well exploited. The total unexploited hydropower potential along river systems that are not protected for landscape or nature conservation is estimated at more than an annual production potential of 2 468 GWh. Of this potential 1 330 GWh/year is considered as economically exploitable. It is unlikely that hydropower developments could be launched along any remaining totally unharnessed rivers, for conservation reasons.