Hydropower in Ghana

Hydropower Installed Capacity1.58GW

Hydropower Production745ktoe per year

There are 17 potential hydro sites, of which only Akosombo (upgraded in 2005 from 912 to 1 038 MW) and Kpong (160 MW) have so far been developed; their total net capacity, according to the Volta River Authority (VRA) website, is 1 180 MW. Electricity generation in Ghana is a responsibility of the VRA, which was established in 1961. The average annual output of its two existing hydro stations (circa 5 600 GWh) is equivalent to about half of Ghana’s technically exploitable hydro capability.

Construction of the 400 MW Bui dam on the Black Volta is underway by China’s Sino Hydro Corporation, and scheduled for completion in 2012.

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