Gas in Poland

Gas Production3.69Mtoe per year

Amount in place905Mtoe

Gas Recoverable Reserves85.1Mtoe

Although Poland does not currently have a large total of proved natural gas reserves or significant natural gas production, the country’s shale gas potential could led to increases in both categories in the coming years. As of 2014, Poland only had 98.3 bcm of proved natural gas reserves. Additionally, the country only produced 4.2 bcm of natural gas in 2014.

Poland is currently the predominant shale gas player in Europe. Overall, Poland has 4.1 tcm of technically recoverable shale gas reserves. The Baltic basin is responsible for a majority of that total at approximately 3 tcm. Poland’s shale gas potential is also aided by favourable pipeline infrastructure and access to skilled workers. Although Poland’s shale gas infrastructure overall is advantageous, they still need to make progress in regards to water treatment and disposal infrastructure before they can fully take advantage of their large resource base.

While Poland’s production may increase in the coming years due to their shale gas potential, currently the country is a large natural gas importer due to not being able to meet demand purely with domestic production. The country consumed 16.3 bcm of natural gas consumption in 2014. As a result, Poland had to import 10.6 bcm of natural gas via pipeline in 2014. Russia supplies a large majority of Poland’s pipeline natural gas imports. Specifically, Poland imported 8.9 bcm of pipeline natural gas from Russia in 2014.


Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.