Nuclear in Poland


Poland plans to have nuclear power from about 2027 as part of its energy portfolio diversification, moving it away from heavy dependence on coal and imported gas. The nuclear plant will be a joint venture of three utilities and a mining company all state-owned. In 2013, Poland produced some 164 billion kWh gross from 34 GWe of mostly coal plant. Coal provided 140 TWh of the electricity, gas 5.1 TWh, biofuels 8.7 TWh (mostly co-fired in coal plants) and wind 6.0 TWh. In August 2014 a draft energy policy for Poland described two scenarios, both with nuclear power playing a key role. One had nuclear power supplying 50 TWh/yr by 2035, with renewables 60 TWh. The other had stronger growth in nuclear to 74 TWh/yr, and 49 TWh renewables. Both involve a major shift from lignite and black coal which currently provide about 84% of electricity and most of the air pollution.