Gas in Romania

Gas Production9.27Mtoe per year

Amount in place1.45thousand Mtoe

Gas Recoverable Reserves99Mtoe

Romania has a relatively small total of proved natural gas reserves compared to some of the other significant global players and their level of reserves has been dropping over the years. As of 2014, Romania only had 110 bcm of proved natural gas reserves, which represents a large drop from their total of 295 bcm in 2004.

There has been a major drop in Romania’s natural gas production over the years. Romania’s peak production of natural gas occurred in the 1980s, however their production has significantly dropped from those levels and has plateaued in recent years. Romania’s natural gas production was only 11.4 bcm of natural gas in 2014.

Similar to the country’s natural gas production, Romania’s natural gas consumption peaked in the 1980s and has dropped significantly since then. In 2014, Romania’s natural gas consumption was only 11.7 bcm, which also marked the third consecutive year of falling natural gas consumption. Although Romania’s natural gas production and consumption has drastically decreased from their peak levels, natural gas was still responsible for the largest share of Romania’s primary energy consumption in 2014 at ~31.4%.

Romania also used to be a significant importer of natural gas through pipeline trade. However, Romania’s natural gas imports have drastically shrunk in recent years and Romania is projected to no longer import natural gas by 2016.


Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.