Oil in Romania

Oil Production4million tonnes per year

Oil Recoverable Reserves79.9million tonnes

Despite being one of Europe’s oldest oil producers, Romania still possesses substantial oil resources. The Romanian WEC Member Committee, quoting the National Agency for Mineral Resources, reports recoverable reserves of 54 million tonnes of crude plus 0.54 million tonnes of NGLs. The estimated additional recoverable reserves reported comprise 9 million tonnes of ‘probable’ reserves and 6 million tonnes in the ‘possible’ category, together with minor tonnages of NGLs.

The principal region of production has long been the Ploesti area in the Carpathian Basin to the northwest of Bucharest, but a new oil province has come on the scene in recent years with the start-up of production from two offshore fields (West and East Lebada) in the Black Sea. Within the figure of proved recoverable reserves given above, 2.2 million tonnes of crude oil is reported to be located in offshore waters. In national terms, oil output (including NGLs) has been gradually contracting since around 1995.


Oil data represents Crude Oil only, for extra-heavy oil and oil shale please refer to the WER 2013 report oil chapter.