Gas in Ukraine

Gas Production15.7Mtoe per year

Amount in place6.42thousand Mtoe

Gas Recoverable Reserves544Mtoe

Ukraine does not currently hold a substantial amount of proved natural gas reserves relatively and does not produce a large amount of natural gas either. As of 2014, Ukraine had 637.5 bcm of proved natural gas reserves. The level of natural gas production in Ukraine has remained consistent for the most part in recent years. Ukraine produced 18.6 bcm of natural gas in 2014.

Unlike the country’s relatively consistent natural gas production, Ukraine’s consumption of natural gas has been drastically decreasing. In 2014, Ukraine consumed 38.4 bcm of natural gas, which represented a ~28.4% drop from the country’s 2011 level of natural gas consumption. Additionally, 2014 marked the third consecutive year of declining natural gas consumption in Ukraine. However, even with the significant decline in consumption, natural gas still plays the largest role in the country’s primary energy consumption. In 2014, natural gas made up 34.6% of Ukraine’s primary energy consumption.

Ukraine is both a significant natural gas importer themselves and an important transit centre for Russian pipeline natural gas exports to Europe. Ukraine imported 17.5 bcm of pipeline natural gas in 2014 in order to fill the gap between their natural gas production and consumption. Russian natural gas was responsible for a majority of this total at 12.9 bcm. In addition to utilising Russian pipeline natural gas domestically, Ukraine is also a key partner to Russia as Ukraine’s pipeline network and location aids Russia in transporting their pipeline natural gas to various European countries.


Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.