The region’s total natural gas recoverable reserves amounted to 9.14 thousand million tonnes of oil equivalent, representing around 5% of the global gas reserves. Top countries per proved recoverable reserves include Nigeria (5,111 bcm), Mozambique (2,831.7 bcm), Tanzania (1,316.7 bcm) and Angola (308.1 bcm). Top producing countries include Nigeria (50.1 bcm), Equatorial Guinea (6.6 bcm), Mozambique (5.6 bcm), and South Africa (3 bcm).

Nigeria has some of the largest resources of natural gas in the world and the largest in Africa, with most of its reserves being located in the Niger Delta. The country’s power sector relies heavily on gas (70% of generation), but a number of disruptions and militant attacks at the production sites made the supply of gas rather unreliable. Some of the factors hampering gas development include security issues, regulatory uncertainty, weak domestic gas market, lack of infrastructure and investment.

Equatorial Guinea has most of its gas reserves and producing fields offshore in the Gulf of Guinea, near Bioko Island. The country exports around 75% of the gas (estimated 3.94 bcm in 2015) via the Punta Europa FLNG pipeline. The LNG exports go to Japan, China, Singapore, Brazil, Chile and France. The main gas fields are Alba and Zafiro.

Mozambique does not currently produce large amounts of gas, but a number of planned projects towards the end of the decade will most likely increase gas output. The main output comes from the Pande and Temane onshore fields and is exported to South Africa vial the Sasol Petroleum International Gas Pipeline.

Gas Production

Gas Production61.1Mtoe per year

Gas Recoverable Reserves9.14thousand Mtoe

Gas Recoverable Reserves by region

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Gas Recoverable Reserves by country

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Top Gas producing countries

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Gas data represents natural gas only, for unconventional gas please refer country notes within the WER 2013 report gas chapter.