The region’s total identified uranium resources (recoverable) amounted in 2015 to 1.58 million tonnes and production in 2014 totalled 8,240 tonnes per year. Only South Africa has nuclear capacity installed.

South Africa generates about 5% of its electricity from nuclear energy. The first commercial nuclear power reactor (Koeberg 1, capacity of 930 MWe) started operating in 1984 and the second one (Koeberg 2, capacity of 900 MWe) in 1985, and are now both operated by the state-owned utility Eskom. In September 2014 Rosatom signed an agreement with South Africa’s energy minister to advance the prospect of building up to 9.6 GWe of nuclear capacity by 2030. Agreements are also in place with France, China, the USA and South Korea and a further agreement is pending with Japan. South Africa has been producing uranium since 1952, but while in the 1970s and 1980s it was an important market player as the second or third uranium producer in the world (peak production at over 6,000 tU/year), output declined steadily since then, making the country to rank 12th globally. Production in 2014 was estimated at 566 tU and in 2015 it is expected to increase to about 800 tU. About 75% of the total identified uranium resources in South Africa are located in the Witwatersrand Basin.

Namibia has important uranium resources, with its first commercial uranium mine operating since 1976. Uranium production amounted to 3,246 tU in 2015. The main production sites in the country include Rössing, Langer Heinrich and Trekkopje. In June 2015, identified recoverable conventional resources totalled 462,987 tU, an increase of 7,396 tU from 2013 resulting from updated resource estimates for Langer Heinrich and Husab. Deposits in Namibia are typically large and low grade. In 2015, about 75% of the recoverable identified uranium resources were classified in the

Regional Identified Uranium Resources

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Production and electricity generation

Electricity Generation11thousand GWh per year

Nuclear Installed Capacity1.9GW

Uranium Production8.24thousand tonnes per year

Identified Uranium Resources1.58million tonnes

(at < US $260 / kg U)

Identified Uranium Resources by region

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Nuclear Installed Capacity by region

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Identified Uranium Resources by country

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Nuclear Installed Capacity by country

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Top Uranium producing countries

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Top electricity generating countries

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