The region’s coal proved amount in place in 2015 amounted to 82.2 thousand million tonnes of oil equivalent. Top countries per coal reserves include: China (114,500 Mt), Mongolia (2,520 Mt), Japan (343 Mt) and South Korea (126 Mt). Similarly, top producing countries include: China (3,747 Mt), Mongolia (24.5 Mt), South Korea (1.8 Mt) and Japan (1.2 Mt).

China is the world’s largest coal importer, with 327 Mt of steam and cocking coal imported in 2013. It also produces and consumes (1920.4 million tonnes of oil equivalent in 2015) half of the world’s coal. The coal industry has been facing a number of challenges that include decline in both supply and demand, price slump (in 2015, the price fell to 370 CNY/tonne, the same as in 2004), decline in profits and investments. Some of the government policies that will impact the coal capacity utilisation is the reduction of the effective capacity utilisation by 16% by 2017 and closure of 500 Mt/year of capacity over the next five years. The government aims to close more than 1,000 coal mines in 2016 with a total production capacity of 60 million tonnes, from the total of 10,760 mines. Coal is the cheapest energy source in the country and less developed regions will continue to rely on it.

Mongolia has over 300 known coal deposits with an estimated 152 billion tonnes of coal resources. Some of the main coal deposits include: in the West – Nuursthotgor, Khartarvagatai, Khuden, Yavar, Khushuut, Olonbulag; in Khangai – Alagtsakhir, Uvurchuluut, Shinejinst, Bayanteeg, MogoinGol; in Central – Uvdugkhudag, Tevshiingovi, Khuutiinkhonkhor, Ulaan-Ovoo; and in the East – Talbulag, Bayantsogt, Aduunchuluun and Chandgana. The country is underway to develop its largest coal mine project, Tavan Tolgoi, with reserves of 7.4 billion tonnes of coal, which has recently suffered from a lack of funds of $4 billion. The mine is located in the South Gobi Desert and divided in six sections Tsankhi, Ukhaa Khudag, Bor-tolgoi, Borteeg, and South-west and Eastern coalfields.

Regional Coal Recoverable Reserves

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Coal Production

Coal Production2.64thousand Mtoe per year

Coal Recoverable Reserves82.2thousand Mtoe

Coal Recoverable Reserves by region

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Coal Recoverable Reserves by country

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Top Coal producing countries

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