The region has a total installed geothermal generating capacity of 21.5 GW, representing 25.7% of the world’s geothermal capacity. Top countries per installed capacity include: China (145 MWe and 17,870 MWt), Japan (533 MWe and 2,186.17 MWt), South Korea (835.80 MWt) and Mongolia (20.16 MWt). Top producing countries in 2014 include China (electricity – 145 GWh, direct use – 48,435 GWh), Japan (electricity – 2,602 GWh, direct use – 7,259 GWh), South Korea (direct use – 745.24 GWh) and Mongolia (94.58 GWh).

China has important geothermal resources, which are extensively distributed with diverse categories and rich capacities. China’s geothermal power generation market has been stalling, but the government is planning to boost the development of geothermal power in the next five years. By 2020, the country is expected to have 1.5% geothermal power of the total energy consumption. Japan’s geothermal potential is largely unutilised due to unfavourable economic conditions for development and lack of social support. The country commissioned in 2015 several units totalling 6.8 MWe. The new plants included 3 binary units, a 5 MW plant constructed by Turboden and Mitsubishi, a 1.4 MW plant installed in the Kagoshima prefecture, and a 400 kW unit installed in the Fukushima prefecture. Regarding direct use geothermal, new additions concentrated around heat pumps, which are used for heating and cooling, domestic hot water and snow melting. Bathing, being very popular at Japanese-style inns, accounts for 90% of direct-use applications. South Korea does not have geothermal power generation capacity due to a lack of high temperature hydrothermal resources, but enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) can be utilised and the first EGS pilot project was launched in 2010. The government aims to build a 1 MWe geothermal power plant in a five-year plan. Direct utilisation is dominated by heat pumps, but also includes hot springs, swimming pools, individual and space heating. In Mongolia there are 43 geothermal areas, many utilised for heating, bathing and medicinal purposes and there is no geothermal power capacity installed to date.

Geothermal Production

Geothermal Installed Capacity21.5GW

Geothermal Production5.1Mtoe per year

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