The countries that have the most hydroelectric generating capacity installed in the region include: China (319,370 MW, pumped storage 23,060 MW), Japan (49,905 MW, pumped storage 27,637 MW), South Korea (6,447 MW, pumped storage 4,700 MW), Taiwan (4,683 MW, pumped storage 2,602 MW) and North Korea (5,000 MW). Hydroelectricity generation in 2015 totalled 1,126.40 TWh in China, 91.27 TWh in Japan, 13.14 TWh in North Korea, 5.86 TWh in South Korea and 4.19 TWh in Taiwan. (Source: International Hydropower Association, 2016)

China accounts for one third of global hydropower capacity. The country added in 2015 around 19.4 GW of new capacity, more than the rest of the world’s new additions combined. Hydropower accounts for around 20% of the country’s total power production. Notable projects include: 3,600 MW pumped storage Fengning plant in Hebei province, Tianchi (1,200 MW), Jixi (1,800 MW), Dagangshan station (2,600 MW), Guanyinyan project (3,000 MW), Zangmu (510 MW), Niyang station (120 MW) and Mamaya (558 MW). Japan installed a 200 MW unit at the Kyogoku pumped storage power plant in Hokkaido.

Hydropower Production

Hydropower Installed Capacity381GW

Hydropower Production106Mtoe per year

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