Top countries per wind generating capacity are: China (25,088 MW), Japan (3,035 MW), Korea Republic (869 MW) and Taiwan (647 MW). In 2014, electricity generation from wind totalled 158,271 GWh in China, 2,196 GWh in Japan, 1,501 GWh in Taiwan and 1,077 GWh in Korea Rep.

China maintains its leadership position in terms of annual wind installations, adding 30.5 GW in 2015. These additions were equivalent to 22% of all new power capacity added in the country, and installed wind capacity is now twice as high the level in 2012. In 2015, wind power generated approximately 210 TWh of electricity, representing 3.8% of total generation. China has ambitious offshore wind plans with a target of 10 GW by 2020 and 30 GW by 2030. With only around 718.9 MW installed so far, it is questionable if these targets are achievable.

Japan installed 241 MW in 2015, representing around 0.5% of the total power supply. The country has an estimated 900 MW of fixed-foundation offshore capacity under development at 11 locations. The anticipated start of construction on SoftBank’s 100 MW wind farm at Kashima — the country’s first commercial-scale offshore project — and the recent announcement that a consortium led by Hitachi Zosen Corp. will invest around ¥100b (US$850m) in a 220 MW wind farm off the northwest coast, should also help build momentum.

Taiwan added 14 MW of new wind capacity in 2015. In terms of offshore wind, there are currently 36 pre-identified zones for construction and the government has targeted 4 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030.

South Korea added 10 MW of new capacity. The country installed its first offshore wind turbines in 2012, following a 2011 announcement that the government would provide nearly US$8 billion to fund the phased development of a 2,500 MW offshore project, with operations beginning in 2019. Although development appears to be lagging, as a result of concerns raised by the fishing industry, approximately 500 MW of projects are advancing through the Korean pipeline.

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Wind Installed Capacity149GW

Wind Production13.9Mtoe per year

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