The region does not have a significant amount of nuclear capacity developed to date, with only 3.5 GW installed. Identified uranium resources amounted to 331,00 tonnes in 2015 and production in 2014 to 55 tonnes per year.

Brazil generates around 3% of its electricity (16 TWh in 2012) from nuclear energy. The country has two PWR nuclear reactors, Angra 1 with net capacity of 626 MWe and Angra 2 with net capacity of 1,270 MWe. A third reactor, Angra 3 was under construction but the plans were suspended since 1986. The government is planning to build Angra 3 and four other 1,000 MWe nuclear plants from 2015 at a single site. Brazil has identified uranium resources of 278,000 tU, representing 5% of world’s total. The main uranium deposits are: Pocos de Caldas (Minas Gerais state; mine closed in 1997); Lagoa Real or Caetité (Bahia state; operating since 1999); and Itataia, now called Santa Quitéria (Ceará state; phosphate as co-product; production start planned). Uranium production totalled 55 tonnes in 2014.

Argentina generated 10% of its electricity from nuclear power, with around 6.4 TWh in 2012. Nuclear power comes from three nuclear reactors: Atucha 1/Peron with capacity of 335 MWe in operation since 1974, Atucha 2/ Kirchner with capacity of 692 MWe in operation since June 2014 and Embalse with capacity of 600 MWe in operation since 1983. Additional nuclear power reactors are under construction to meet rising energy demand. The plants are located in the region of Buenos Aires and include Carem-25 with capacity of 27 MWe, construction started in 2014; Atucha 3 of around 800 MWe, construction to start in 2017, among others. The country does not currently produce uranium, but there are identified uranium reserves. The most relevant uranium ore deposit in the assessment/exploration stage in Argentina is Cerro Solo, located in Chubut Province.

Sources: OECD-NEA (2016) and World Nuclear Association (2016)

Regional Identified Uranium Resources

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Production and electricity generation

Electricity Generation21.3thousand GWh per year

Nuclear Installed Capacity3.5GW

Uranium Production55tonnes per year

Identified Uranium Resources331thousand tonnes

(at < US $260 / kg U)

Identified Uranium Resources by region

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Nuclear Installed Capacity by region

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Identified Uranium Resources by country

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Nuclear Installed Capacity by country

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Top Uranium producing countries

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Top electricity generating countries

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