Total solar installed capacity in the region in 2015 was 1.95 GW, representing less than 1% of the world’s solar capacity. Top countries per solar installed capacity include Chile (848 MW), Honduras (455 MW), Peru (96 MW), Puerto Rico (88 MW), Guatemala (80 MW), Uruguay (68 MW), Guadeloupe (67 MW), Martinique (62 MW). Top countries per solar electricity generation in 2014 include: Chile (489 GWh), Peru (199 GWh), Guadeloupe (103 GWh), Martinique (84 GWh) and Brazil (61 GWh).

The region continued capacity additions in 2016 and Chile remains the solar market leader. The country will well exceed 1 GW of cumulative installed solar capacity in 2016, being on route to accomplishing the target of 20% renewable electricity in the grid by 2025. Brazil is also planning to increase its nascent solar market, and has a massive 3 GW project pipeline, with several PV projects larger than 200 MW already under construction. Honduras has also seen an exponential growth in solar capacity, as the country is planning to greatly reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and generate 80% of energy from renewables by 2020. SunEdison is one of the main companies operating on the solar market, and some of the most important projects include two 23.3 MW Pacífico and Choluteca I plants, as well as the 35.1 MW Choluteca II. Short-term growth is set to continue in the country, with several large-scale projects already launched in 2015. Peru’s current total operating solar capacity is comprised of five PV projects, but another two PV projects totalling 185 MW have been awarded to Enel Green Power Peru and Enersur at an average price of US$48 per MWh, which are expected to be built in 2017. Puerto Rico is also on the path to increasing its solar capacity, with new 58 MW expected to be built in municipality of Isabela as the largest PV plant in the country.

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Solar Installed Capacity1.95GW

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