Top countries per wind installed capacity are: Brazil (8,715 MW), Chile (904 MW), Uruguay (845 MW), Argentina (279 MW), Panama (270 MW), Costa Rica (268), Nicaragua (186 MW) and Honduras (176 MW)

Top producing countries are: Brazil (12,210 GWh), Chile (1,443 GWh), Nicaragua (846 GWh), Uruguay (733 GWh) and Argentina (619 GWh).

Wind power is growing the most in Brazil, where a record capacity of 2.8 GW was commissioned in 2015, almost three times the level installed in 2013. Uruguay, Panama and Chile also significantly increased their wind capacity in 2015, with additions of 316 MW, 235 MW and 68 MW, respectively.

Wind Production

Wind Installed Capacity12.3GW

Wind Production1.6Mtoe per year

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Top Wind producing countries

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